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  • Pr. Dan's Installation

    Pastor Dan and his wife Sheryl sold their home in Florida after having their home on the market for many months.  Sheryl was able to join Pastor Dan in Manitowoc and the members of Faith could have his official installation on September 17.  Pastor Dan had jokingly mentioned after watching the British ceremonies earlier this year that he would like several of the same things. We accommodated him with the Praise Band, Bell Choir and Inspiration Choir.  However, there was a surprise after the service waiting for them outside. A member of the congregation arranged for a carriage ride. (A few folks know who arranged it, but for now it’s a secret.)  Pastor Dan, Sheryl and the other guest clergy were taken for a lap around the upper parking lot and then were taken to the lower level where a lunch was served in honor of our newly installed Pastor. Sandwiches, chips, fruit, and a cake were served. The hall was festively decorated for fall.  The members of Faith express our gratitude to the following clergy that attended the event: The Reverend Anne Edison-Albright, The Reverend Jenn Pockat, Associate to the Bishop, and Director for Communication and Community and Pastor Heather Yerion-Keck from St. Paul’s in Manitowoc. 

  • There is still time to join Sunday School!

    Rally Sunday was September 17, but it's not too late to join this year's Sunday School.  We are excited to announce the return of Whirl Curriculum! This is a fun, faith-based educational program that will guide our children through the Bible. Each week they will hear a well-known story and learn how it relates to their lives.  More information can be found here.   All students need to register.  Find the registration form here.


  • High School Youth Group

    Calling all 10th, 11th and 12th grade young adults to be a part of something BIG! Your New Youth Group is on the rise! Outings such as axe throwing, golf, escape room, fishing and skating are a few of the events suggested by your peers.  You will have opportunities to serve your community and those around you while growing deeper roots in faith.  This will be your group with the guidance of a few mentors.  AND…Your new youth room hangout will be stocked with a coffee and hot cocoa bar, snacks and video games.  If you missed the September 20th Open House, please contact Bridget at: to get involved!




    Our PANTRY needs restocking...can you help?

    Below is a list of items needed:
    *Maple syrup *Peas *Ramen noodles assorted flavors *Powder, white and brown sugar *all-purpose flour *Canned meals *Knorr pasta and rice sides *Bear Creek soup mixes *Assorted crackers *Bagged noodles *Minute Rice regular size boxes only *Bagged noodles *Juice boxes *Snack items/sweet treats *Pop Tarts *Hamburger Helper *Pickles and olives *Cake mixes and cookie mixes, dessert mixes *Cooking oil *Graham Cracker crumbs *Salad dressings: French, Ranch, Thousand Island *Tooth brushes *Kleenex *Paper towel *Tide or Gain laundry soap *Dish washing soap *Dryer sheets *Cleaning supplies *Pull-up diapers in size 3, 4 and 5 *Baby wipes *Regular size boxes of cereal *Canned carrots, potatoes, mixed veggies and 
    *brown beans
    NO SOUP, GREEN BEANS, CORN, JELLO, PEANUT BUTTER, JELLY. We do not need egg cartons anymore.

    These are items we need to restock our pantry! Please do not supply us with items we don't need at this time. The items take up space and will expire if I can't disperse on a monthly basis. Thank you very much for your help!

    Sandy Halverson