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We are a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Our denomination believes:

Since the beginning of the human race, God has been trying to be in a relationship with us.  The Bible is a record of people's experiences with God. People have had experiences with God that are not recorded in the Bible, but the biblical experiences are especially meaningful.  Through reading and meditating on these experiences, we can share their experiences and come to have faith like Abraham, enthusiasm like Peter, and a spirit for evangelism like Paul.                                                                               

The ultimate experience of God in the Bible was the experience of God in Jesus Christ.  Jesus is the son of God and our savior.  The people who experienced Jesus in the flesh knew they had experienced something wonderful in him.  Jesus taught us that the will of God is for us to love God and love each other, even loving our enemies.  Christianity is all about love.

Therefore, we try to love and accept all people in all conditions.  We are all sinners, but God has grace and forgiveness for all of us. How do we get this forgiving grace?  We believe in Jesus and Jesus saves us as a free gift.  We cannot earn heaven but God loves us and saves us freely.  Jesus' death on the cross has conquered sin and his resurrection shows his victory over death for us.

The church is a community of believers and witnesses to the resurrection.  The church is intended to be a foretaste of God's heavenly kingdom.  We often fall short of this ideal, but God's forgiveness, the Holy Spirit, and God's restoring grace can lift us up when we have fallen.  

"The church" is a worldwide community of believers in all denominations.  Faith Lutheran is not "the church." Our denomination, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), is not "the church." We Lutherans are really a reform movement within the worldwide church, calling all people to faith in our gracious God. We are all one in our Lord in "the church."

The ELCA sponsors and manages programs for: education, to plant new churches, to help in times of disaster, to advocate for justice, to promote church renewal, and for collegial pastoral support.

Come join us as we follow the Lord into new blessings!